The project www.capodopere2019.ro seeks to present the vivid history of some greatly important items from our institution’s collections and not only. It is a major project that the National History Museum of Romania wants to accomplish together with colleagues from other museums and public collections in the country, entitled 2019 masterpieces of Romanian heritage. We wish that in 2019, when Romania will hold for the first time the presidency of the European Union, our museums and collections to make a website, CD-ROM and a series of books that present some of the masterpieces of our cultural heritage - from the archaeological, historical, artistic, ethnographic, to one related to natural history. We hope to gather as many of the masterpieces of the national cultural heritage, representing at the same time, so many ways in which Romania is presented to the continent and the world, in all its cultural diversity and richness. A part of these exhibits were, or were about to be, a part of the series of micro-exhibitions featured in the Exhibit of the Month project which the National History Museum inaugurated in May 2011. The efforts of organizing this year’s great exhibitions, The Treasures of China and Romania’s Ancient Gold (March – December 2013), as well as other temporary exhibitions taking place in the grand hall of the museum, have impeded the accomplishment of our initial intention of showcasing, every month, one exhibition dedicated to one special item in our collections. This was, however, compensated for through the display of some highly valuable exhibits through the virtual exhibition hosted by the museum’s website www.capodopere2019.ro. As we enter the 12th year since the National History Museum of Romania closed the greater part of its permanent exhibitions, which deprives the public of its chance and lawful right to admire the most of our archaeological and historical patrimony’s valuable treasures, often items unique to the past of Romania as well as that of Europe or the world, one of the solutions to which we have turned was to organize a series of more frequent small and major temporary exhibitions, and setting up a virtual museum.